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♥ Dedicated to Mya i had the luck to meet on my way ♥​

Welcome to my site! My name is Daniela and I live in Rimini, my story started when my two cats of 17 years have left me just a short distance from each other leaving a terrible vacuum. When you have so much you are afraid to start again but then I saw her and I fell hopelessly in love with .Only those who know the scottish can understand how these small teddy bears you take my heart, they come into harmony with our souls, by changing their lives, Mya has become a loyal companion, sweet, patient, it was enough to touch that left a molten motor, always present and discreet in my every step.

Allevamento Dolcemya Scottish Fold British Shorthair
Allevamento Dolcemya Scottish Fold British Shorthair

It was 2006 and I started to get interested in this breed and to this world thanks to her, she started my passion for breeding. Then in 2010 came he, Paradiso of Fata Morgana, I thank the breeder Laura Settimo and Sara Mecchi of the Dea Madre of allowing me the honor of this white wonder that gives me many satisfactions reproductive Exposition, both allowing me to further improve the quality of my kittens.

My choice has been and continues to be that of a small family breeding by paying close attention to their health and that is why you will never find kittens available year-round, but one litter at a time in order to follow the kittens in their growth and their needs and leave the time mom cat to recover the forces in all serenity.All kittens are born and grow up in the home with much love and lots of cuddles, reared with love, I like to see them free, masters of every corner of the House, nanny them and educate them because when I will leave for their new families should know not to socialize should have no fear and with their gentleness and kindness will soon conquer and bring joy.The kittens are available starting from completion of 84° day old and already accustomed to litter and will be delivered vaccinated, Pedigree and adjust the contract.
Allevamento Dolcemya Scottish Fold British Shorthair

I just hope to be able to communicate to those who read my great love for them and make it clear that my job doesn't end, I will be always present and point of reference for any doubt, clarification and guidance.


Thank you all.

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