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​Treat with Bach flowers

The Concept

• Care with Bach Flowers starts from the consideration that the illnesses stem from a disorder of the mind, from a disharmony between body and mind. The origin of the disease very often there is a negative mood, which over time leads to physical disorders. Only by solving the deep disorder care illness.


How does

• Care with Bach Flowers does not take into consideration the physical symptoms, except in passing, but mainly focuses on psycho-emotional aspect of the animal: identify the problem that afflicts him and proposes an appropriate remedy.

• The flower is the most vital part of a plant, one that expresses the greatest degree the development, for this reason, it is also able to return to the animal that suffers the vital thrust it lacks to heal.

• The principal remedies are obtained from wild flowers gathered in certain situations, macerated in the Sun in rock and water stabilized in brandy, for their alcohol but not in water or Apple Cider vinegar. These compounds are then diluted and can be administered alone or associated with.

• Bach studied several flowers, each capable of treating a particular mental disharmony (fear, selfishness, envy, jealousy, boredom, uncertainty, inability to have self-confidence, etc.). Taking care of these mental States "mangled" care about the disease that it is derivative.

• Flower therapy does not alter the character of the animal, but acts rebalancing mental disharmony so sweet and long lasting.

The disorders that is effective

• The flowers are suitable for any animal and are especially effective in the treatment of recurrent disorders.

• Dermatitis: care with intestinal Disorders:

• Crabapple prove effective Aspen and Verbain (especially for chronic gastritis).

• Stress disorders: the most common, one that strikes when you need a lot of time without the master, you can cure with Mimulus and waxed.

• When the cat is afraid of the car can be used and drops of Mimulus instead when in addition to fear it is established that the cat goes into hyperventilation and pants quickly you can use Rock Rose, trembling Aspen instead.

• If instead we have at home a cat a little aggressive and connoti that with the other cats, using Holly, territorial too you can use Vine

• Se invece è troppo timido e remissivo Centaury fa al caso nostro• For otitis can use Scleranthus

• A cat too sedentary, apathetic, asleep all day can give a few drops of Clemantis, this will awaken the desire to play, while a cat too hyperactive, who sleeps little uses Vervain, this will bring a fair balance

• If the cat has undergone trauma comes to help Star of Bethlem

• Not least let us not forget ever of our immediate emergency first aid Rescue Remedy

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