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The Scottish

By its nature the scottish have a sociable and playful nature into adulthood, is a cat quiet, sweet and perfect as a domestic cat, affectionate apartment to family and master who tends to follow everywhere, very affectionate not from problems at home, it needs to be left alone and as little as possible.
It's a very placid, race is not authoritarian, is often recommended for children, is sociable with his fellows and with dogs.
Curious, play with small objects and hides everything that attracts.
The hair does not require particular care, but it's better to brush it periodically, especially during the period of the Division, it is also recommended to regularly clean your little ears.
I don't want to dwell much on the discovery of this wonderful breed, was written much since Mr and Mrs Ross in 1961 began to select it and on the internet are true genetic treatises written by professionals and scholars, I want only to say to anyone who decides to adopt a scottish to claim the more information on parents, it is imperative that one of the two is a british since the fold gene of folded ears is not compatible and kittens would die among the direst suffering or are handicapped by serious genetic tary.
With the right and guarantees you secure a healthy kitten, unique in its kind, which will bring a lot of sweetness into your life.

The British Shorthair

The British Shorthair enchants from the first moment. A little bear round, from the top of the ears to the tip of the tail, with a sweet and serious, elegant attitude and manners exquisite. It has a crazy and exclusive love for his fellow human beings; very intelligent and affectionate and with great sense of his personal dignity.

The British Shorthair is the common cat English which, thanks to breeding, selection and feline exhibits, took his standard is becoming a real cat breed.

The British is a medium to large size. It looks sturdy and look sweet. The skeleton and muscles are strong.

Size: the male 5-7 kg, the female 4-5 kg.

Head: round, with well rounded contours.

Ears: wide at the base and rounded at the tip, not great.

Eyes: large, round, intense and brilliant color from amber to orange.

Body: medium to large, muscular.

Tail: large at the base and narrow at the tip, which is rounded.

Legs: muscular and skeleton with medium to heavy, fairly short.

Coat: very dense, fluffy and thick. Do not flatten the body but tends to always be raised.

Colors: the typical is blue but can be any color, even colourpoint and tabby.

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