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​Beware of toxic plants

Here is the list of most dangerous plants:


• Oleander, poinsettia and Ficus.

• Chrysanthemum and Ficus cause allergies and signs.

• Singonio, Dieffenbachia, Philodendron, Caladio, coral, Monstera, Potos and American Lives cause inflammation and swelling in the mouth.

• Amaryllis, Azalea, Euphorbia spinosa, Bergenia, Colocasia, Ivy, cherry blossoms, Chrysanthemum and Papyrus cause vomiting, abdominal pain, cramps, respiratory, heart problems and kidney damage.

• Other dangerous plants: Castor, Jimson weed, Kalanchoe, cyclamen, digital, Dracena, Holly, yew, Mistletoe, rhododendron, Clorophytum comosum, Sansevieria rifasciata.




The most obvious symptoms of poisoning are:


Irregular breathing-fixed Pupils – Diarrhea – abundant Salivation – Vomiting – Collapse – Seizures – Struts – Tremor-bleeding.


If you have signs of poisoning call the vet immediately. Meanwhile, try to protect the cat holding it in a quiet place.


On the advice of the veterinarian you may induce vomiting with a concentrated solution of water and table salt or hydrogen peroxide, but is always dangerous and contraindicated if the cat has lost the reflex of swallowing or if it is in a coma. It is not recommended to administer liquids such as milk, because sometimes it aggravates an already precarious situation.

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